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What does it mean to be organized?

There are three areas of disorganization:

  • Objects     

  • Data

  • Time

We offer three areas of organization:

  • Makeover

  • Refresher

  • Instructional

Many of our clients are already basically organized: These customers would like to refine their own systems and to increase efficiency.  They may have projects that have been on hold or closets that have been ignored.  They may be working on their “bucket list” or have determined it is time to right-size.  More free time and more time for more important tasks is their goal.


Some of our clients are situationally disorganized - they are experiencing some kind of temporary life transition or started off on the wrong foot in their current space. Perhaps they have moved, had a change in marital status, lost a loved one or have had extra responsibilites added to their workload. They may have to manage change and major decision making all at once. A new job, new assignment or new family member can cause a loss of ability to maintain ordinary activities. These clients’ goals are organize and move forward.

AtticBed and Bath Craft CleaningDownsizing
 Estates Fun Stuff • Garage • Home Office
Itsy Bitsy Space Jewelry Chest • Kitchen  

Linen Closet Man Cave • Nursery 

Office • Projects on Hold

 Quiet Space • Right Sizing • Sewing Area

Toys to Tools Utility Room • Volumes of Papers

Wardrobe Xtreme Makeover Yard and Garden

Zero Clutter

Disclaimer: Some individuals are chronically disorganized  because of persistent factors such as health challenges or care giving for others.  As busy as most people are today it is  not hard to get behind and discouraged when there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Their goal is to better cope with their reality by having as much order as possible.

There are some individuals who suffer from a true hoarding disorder and need professional counseling. a2z Organizing does not have the expertise to provide psychological, but can refer to those who can.

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